Don’t Let The Grass Grow Under Your Tires

vulcaparkThis was said to me recently by an elderly gentleman at a retirement center that I volunteer at on a weekly basis. For some reason, that statement just struck me and kept coming back to me as I thought about what to write in my next blog post.
Maybe it was the intentional eye contact he made with me when he said it.
Maybe, it was the fact that he repeated it at least three times before he let it go. The fact is, it stuck with me. It’s made me realize how much “grass” I’ve let grow under my “tires” lately both in my physical life and my spiritual life. It’s said that an author or blogger’s life is a secluded one and I think I’ve taken that to seriously as of lately. How am I supposed to know what to write about or find interesting in life to write, if I’m not actually living life but just living passively through it on a daily basis?

Until recently I hated getting asked the question. What have you been up to lately? Why? Because here’s been my answer: Blogging, hanging out with friends, church. All those things I love and am happy to do but what else is there?
I guess part of it is self-induced shame. I do a New Years resolution list every year for my self and two of those things on that list were.

1. Volunteer more
2. Grow spiritually

Both those things I figured I lacked or failed miserably, until recently.
I think God has a great amount of patience for His children until He sees us not moving towards the things He’s set out for us and sometimes, He just drops it in our laps and says “here! Now, will you please do something with it?”

I’m not a risk taker by any stretch of the imagination and I certainly don’t go out of my way to get out of my comfort zone very often at all. Usually, God, my family or my friends have to “drag” me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone. Isn’t that how I grow spiritually though? More times then not that’s exclusively how He does it. He’s done exceptionally well this year too.
First resolution Check ✅
I now volunteer at my church twice a week which includes children’s ministry and front desk work, go to a bible study once a week and hang out with elderly folks two days a week. I’m busier than I’ve ever been and around people more often than I’ve ever been which translates to more out of my comfort zone than ever before.

Just like Peter being called by Jesus to get out of the boat and walk on water towards Him, God has called me out of my comfort zone more than ever before and I’m so excited and nervous. He has single-handedly saved my New Year’s resolution list. At the same time, I’m afraid I’m gonna get freaked out by the uncomfortably close waves and winds of change and I’m gonna drown. Just like Peter. I’m no Saint and I know more than I’d like to admit that I’m like Peter, but God is a gracious God and He is faithful to lift me out of those waves, take me by the hand and lead or drag (whichever is needed at the time) me through the mountains and valleys of growth and faith. I’m gonna fall sometimes but I’m realizing now I don’t want the grasses of complacency and normalcy to continue to grow under the “tires” of my life anymore.

Until next time Rebels!


Adoption: My Thoughts on my Birth & Adoptive Families

Guess what? I’m adopted! Most of you know that already but some of you won’t. My birth family couldn’t take care of me because of my disability and the needs I would have to be taken care of for the rest my life. That said, one day shy of my one month birthday my adoptive family got to meet me for the first time and about nine days later they brought me home.

One question a lot of people ask me when I tell them my story is,“what are your thoughts on your birth family?”

Well, if you’re one of those people who’ve asked me this before, here you go.

I have no anger or regret towards my birth parents at all. Whenever they come to mind I pray for them.They knew when they were surprised by a little girl with Spina Bifida that they couldn’t take care of me the way I would need to be taken care of. The most loving thing they did for me was to give me to a loving Christian family who cherished me and still do to this day.

Another thing people ask me is: “Have you ever met your birth parents?” My adoption was a closed adoption. I could at this point, choose to find my birth parents but I’ve chosen not to. For multiple reasons that I won’t get into for personal reasons but the most important is… I love the family I’m in and am so grateful for them in my life. They’ve truly shaped me into the woman I am now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I want to respect my birth parents in the way that they loved me enough to place me in the best place possible for me and I would like to respect their wishes.

I love my adoptive family. Being adopted has shown me a side of Christ I would never have really considered if I hadn’t been adopted. God chose me from the beginning of time to be His child. He made me in His image for His purposes specifically.

My adoptive family chose me! Picked me to love and cherish for the rest of their and my life.

God knew I’d have flaws and I would sin and separate myself from Him for a while but that didn’t stop Him from loving me unconditionally.

My adoptive family chose me though from the beginning they knew I was flawed and would at times give them a scare or break they’re hearts with the decisions and choices I’d make but they chose me anyway.

God wanted to give me my best chance at life so he sent His son for me. Now I’m no Jesus but, my birth parents wanted to give me my best chance so they gave me to a family who could fully give that to me. I am eternally grateful.

If you or a loved one is considering putting a child up for adoption or considering adopting a child. Please encourage them in that. Adoption is an amazing picture of God’s love for His children and that child will be blessed as well as you for it.

Until next time Rebels!

My Face Needs a Missionary⛪️

Okay, I get it, a lot of life is serious and there’s a lot of serious things going on around us. I get it. Sometimes though, I wonder what the Author of joy thinks when He looks down at us with the cares of the world on our shoulders and worries of the past, present and future weighing heavily on our minds and hearts.

“Be joyful always…” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 GNT

“But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” Luke 2:10

“A cheerful heart is good medicine,
    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

“For the joy of the Lord is your strength?” Nehemiah 8:10b

One way that I find joy in the day to day life is to watch clean comedy or find something funny that happened in my day. I need to lighten up sometimes and laugh out loud about something or about me.
Today I’ve decided to share with ya’ll my top twelve favorite clean comedians that I’ve found over the years. Why don’t we partake of some medicinal laughter to cheer up our bones and then share it with those we think need a good helping of it today!! Until Next time Rebels!!!

Ken Davis

Facebook: @kendavis.comedy
Twitter: @KenDavisLive

Bio: Ken Davis is one of the most sought after speakers in North America. Ken spent 15 years working for Youth for Christ, and in the last 30 years has traveled the nation as one of the top motivational and inspirational speakers. He has appeared on television and stage around the world and is the host of the popular daily radio show, “Lighten Up”, heard on over 1500 outlets across America. He provides a unique mixture of side-splitting humor and inspiration that never fails to delight and enrich audiences of all ages.

Ken has written nine books including, “How to Live with Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind” and “How to Live with Your Kids When You’ve Already Lost Your Mind.” His books have received national critical acclaim, including the Campus Life “Book of the Year” award and the CBA Gold Medallion Award. As president of Dynamic Communications, Ken provides seminars and a video series that teaches speaking skills to ministry personnel and corporate executives.

Ken was born and raised in Minnesota and is a graduate of Oak Hills Bible College. He and his wife, Diane, live in Tennessee and have two daughters. Traci, their oldest
daughter, is married to Brian and they have three daughters and a son. Taryn, is married to Scott Fowler of Legacy Five, and they have two boys. The entire family is involved in his work, bringing much laughter and liberating gospel truth to thousands of people each year.

Michael Jr.

Twitter/Facebook: @Michaeljrcomedy
Bio: Michael’s entry into comedy was almost preordained. Years ago in a crowded Grand Rapids, Michigan movie theater, the projector malfunctioned. The film snapped, the house lights came on, and acting on a dare, young Michael jumped in front of the restless crowd and took center stage. When the theater manager tried to usher him out, the audience demanded he stay… and Michael Jr. discovered his gift.


Mike Williams


Bio: Basically in video couldn’t be found elsewhere

Twitter/Facebook: None found



Twitter: @john_branyan
Facebook: @JohnBranyanComedy


Bio: John’s ‘Shakespeare’ version of The Three Little Pigs has been viewed millions of times, and his book “A Triune Tale of Diminutive Swine” is in its 3rd reprinting. John is featured on nine recorded comedy projects with people like Ken Davis, David Jeremiah, Ted Cunningham and Tim Hawkins. John and his wife, Lori, have four children and six grandchildren (so far).

Taylor Mason
Bio: I love to make people laugh, and am blessed to be able to perform 200-300 dates every year. Ever since I won Star Search (the predecessor to America’s Got Talent for those of you too young to know, or too old to remember), I’ve been in great demand all across the US and all over the world.

Tim Hawkins


Facebook: @timhawkinscomedy

Twitter: @timhawkinscomic

Bio: Since giving up his job as a grocery truck driver in 2002.
Tim Hawkins has been establishing himself as one of the most in-demand comedians in the country. With 300,000,000 video views online and over 100 sold-out concerts every year, his Jackwagon Crew has grown into a revolution of multi-generational proportions.


Brad Stine

Facebook: @offficialbradstine
Twitter: @bradstine
Bio: Brad Stine is the most media covered Christian comedian in the country. He had an 8-page profile written about him and his comedy in the New Yorker magazine where he was referred to as “God’s Comic.”



Mark Lowry (The first Christian Comedian I was “introduced” to when I was a child)

Twitter/Facebook: @MarkAlanLowry
Instagram: @MarkLowry

Bio: Singer, songwriter, author, and humorist Mark Lowry is best known for penning the lyric to the Christmas classic “Mary Did You Know?” and singing baritone for the GRAMMY© Award-winning Gaither Vocal Band for many years. Lowry, who’s entertained audiences since he was 11 years old, has a unique gift of communicating profound Biblical truths through music and storytelling. His life’s work features a large catalog of diverse projects including many videos, books, and CDs.

Jeff Allen
Twitter/Facebook: @JeffAllenComedy

Bio: For four decades, Jeff Allen has been performing in theaters, on television and radio, and as a keynote for corporate functions and fundraisers around the world.

Jeff Allen is the best at what he does – making people laugh as hard as humanly possible. His Happy Wife, Happy Life® message of a marriage gone wrong and redeemed has given laughter and encouragement to millions of people. Jeff’s comedy drives home the humor in everyday family life and the joy derived from a healthy marriage.


Chonda Pierce

Twitter/Facebook: @chondapierce

Bio: Emmy® -nominated and best-selling comedian Chonda Pierce or “the country comic” as Billboard Magazine dubbed her, has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades with her winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm.

Jeanne Robertson

Facebook: @JeanneLaughs


Bio: Jeanne Robertson is a professional speaker who specializes in hilarious humor based on her life experiences. Speaking  to thousands of people annually, she utilizes her positively funny style to illustrate that a sense of humor is much more than a laughing matter. It is a strategy for success.
Other speakers might be as witty as Jeanne. Some might even be as tall. (Barefooted with her hair “mashed” down, she’s 6’2″ in her size 11B stocking feet.) But nowhere will you find a speaker so adept at turning personal experiences into funny material that does more than elicit laughter. This Miss Congeniality winner in the Miss America Pageant, “Yearrrrrrrrrrrs ago,” quoting Jeanne, uses her down-home Southern drawl to leave her audiences laughing . . . and thinking about her message.

John Crist


Bio: With over 150 million video views, comedian and viral sensation John Crist is the next big thing in standup comedy. Whether you know him from viral videos like “Millenial International,” “Road Rage in the Church Parking Lot,” or BuzzFeed’s “Signs You Grew Up Christian,” Crist has solidified his comedic prowess with over 200 live shows a year, highlighted by recent television appearances on Live at Gotham and Laughs on Fox.

Weep With Those Who Weep

I know I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, about the death of my sister and how that affected me emotionally and spiritually; and my progress toward healing thus far. Well, recently I’ve come into contact with several friends who are going through the grieving process, or dealing with something huge and emotional in their lives at the moment, and found myself on the other side of the equation. Instead of being the one comforted, I am now the one comforting and for a minute I was at a loss of what to do or say.
Two things came to mind as I mulled over this realization. One, what would and did Jesus do when comforting someone who was hurting or in mourning?
Secondly, what did others do that was beneficial to me and helped calm me during my grieving process?
Now I’m gonna put a disclaimer here and say; not all people grieve the same way. I watched all four of my family members, including me, grieve in four separate and unique ways. Different family members found different ways of comforting helpful. I will only be sharing the things that helped me, some of my friends, and examples I find in scripture that Jesus used to comfort others. Not everyone will find that these tips are all helpful. My hope is that this post will serve as a guide to what may be helpful to someone in your life or to you specifically as you grieve. Stay tuned to the needs and wants of the person grieving and don’t push it and the process should go well.

  1. Mourn with those who mourn. Jesus cried at the grave of Lazarus even though He knew in a few moments He was gonna raise His friend to life! I believe the human part of Jesus kicked in and He truly felt sorrow for the loss of a friend. Yet, at the same time, Jesus knew Mary and Martha were deeply hurt and sad about the loss of their brother so He grieved with them as well. I had friends cry with me after my sister died and that was deeply meaningful to me knowing someone else cared for Elisabeth just as much as I did and was willing to hurt with me.
  2. Silence is sometimes the best medicine for the grieving soul. I had a friend once who was deeply hurt by something that had happened in her life and had caused a deep depression and suicidal thoughts to well up in her. Up to this point, I had never had a friend struggling with depression let alone suicidal thoughts. Seeing her laying down in a secluded room facing away from everyone made me realize something important; no amount of words, hugs or condolence cards were going to make this wound better. So, what did I do? I sat at her bedroom door (with her permission) and silently read a book looking up occasionally to see if she was still “ok”. Sometimes silence is ok.
  3. Pray for and over them. I believe Jesus and His disciples did this when healing was needed in a persons life including raising someone back to life. Now I can’t raise people to life or have healing powers (to my knowledge) but I can lift someone up in prayer. I can’t tell you how meaningful this was for me to hear my friends and family say especially right after realizing my sister had gone to be with Jesus. Hearing those simple words “I am praying for you” meant the world to me. Never underestimate this step. Prayer is a powerful thing because God is powerful and He is the ultimate comforter in a time of grieving. Time and time again He comforted those who were hurting or suffering a loss. What we can’t do, God can do better, bigger and more powerfully than anything we do physically or verbally, down here on earth.
  4. Read scripture or devotionals to them. Now don’t use this step to preach at someone to get over their grief but, ask them what their favorite portion of scripture is or read from a devotional that they find calming and comforting. Many of my friends have come to me in a time of need and just asked, “will you read scripture or this devotional to me?” Nothing more, just read. God will do the rest.
    I hope these thoughts and options have proven helpful to you. If you have anything to add to this list, let me know on my social media’s or in the comment section below! I’d love to know about them!
    Until next time Rebels!

Where’s God When Bad Things Happen?

I’m committed to complete honesty with my readers here on One Girl Rebel and so here it goes. I’ve run out of words. What can one say when all you can see is fear, division, and tragedy everywhere? What I’m I supposed to say when all my heart seems to cry is, God why? What is this self-proclaimed control freak supposed to do when she realizes the world she lives in is out of control and there is absolutely nothing she can do about it?

Heavenly Father, you’re a God of order not chaos. God, you’re the Prince of Peace and all I see is brothers and sisters hating on each other. Can’t You see what’s going on down here Lord? Don’t You even care?
Where are You when bad things happen?

This is one of the biggest struggles of my Christian life that I have and the most asked question pointed at me from my non-Christian friends and family members.

The truth is I don’t have all the answers. I’m only human. I have questions of my own at times. The FAQ to God from me is, Why? I’ve sure caught myself asking that a lot lately.

He showed me an analogy from a movie, years ago called “The Love Comes Softly” series directed by Michael Landon Jr. and original books written by Janet Oke.

The analogy is this. A father and child are walking along a path and the child falls down and scrapes their knee. Is it the father’s fault that his kid fell and hurt themselves?… Most would answer no and they’re right.
It is the same with us. God doesn’t promise that bad things won’t happen to His children, a matter of fact, He says the opposite will happen but that He’ll be with us when they do. Just like the father in the analogy will pick his child up, wipe the tears away, clean up the wound and put healing ointment and maybe a colorful band-aid on it. God is our Healer and Comforter

In a similar way, God gave us a gift from the beginning of time and that gift is called free will; but just like giving a two-year-old a cherished fragile toy, it’s a toss-up whether they will cherish it too or destroy it in under 2.5 second or less. All of us from the beginning of time have chosen the second option in our lives. God knew this was gonna happen so He sent His son Jesus to die in our place and by His shed blood on the cross and resurrection from the grave we are made clean and new if we only allow God to take the reigns and take control back over our lives.

Sinners make bad choices even really bad ones like we saw in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago.

But that doesn’t mean God’s not in control, present and using horrible things for good and to bring Him glory.

The gunman ( I won’t for personal reasons be placing their name on my blog) was ready to shoot and kill people all night long. I personally believe God stopped him at 11 minutes. God placed off-duty military personnel,off-duty first responders, doctors, and nurses in the area to help the wounded victims and get as many people as possible out of the area fast. God placed truck and taxi drivers at just the right spot at just the right time to get victims to the hospitals at just the right moment. Doctors and nurses answered the call beyond the call of duty to help the victims as they suddenly swarmed in, in the middle of the night.

The devil was there inflicting harm and danger and he’s always scheming to do us harm but also God was there and so is He now.

Why some people die so suddenly and so horribly, and why people choose to do horrible things with the gift God gave them, why bad things happen? I won’t fully know until I have a face to face chat with my Heavenly Father about it someday but one thing I do know.

“ You (in this case the devil) intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives (physically & spiritually)” Genesis 50: 20a


Mad At My Maker?

Earlier this year had the privilege of speaking to about twenty-five kindergarteners about me, my wheelchair and wheelchair etiquette. Honestly speaking to kids about my life as a disabled person is one of the most rewarding and fun things I do. One particular time I spoke to some kids about life in a wheelchair stands out in my mind. This kid one week asked me if I knew Michael Jackson. I know, completely random but it was so cute. I told him I hadn’t had the privilege but I hoped to in Heaven one day. The next week when the same kid raised his hand to ask me a question my jaw legitimately dropped to the floor due to shock. His question? Do you ever get mad at God for making you the way that you are?😳🙊… Wow, wow and wow. It may or may not shock my fellow rebels to know that I do actually get mad at God for making me this way from time to time. I’ve had to have surgeries and be in the hospital and be cooped up at home recovering from said surgeries multiple times. My health has kept me from going to concerts and events I’ve wanted to go to at times because of swollen feet. I can no longer eat certain foods the traditional way because of food intolerances I’ve developed, keeping me from visiting at food places with friends. I’ve lost “friends” because they couldn’t handle my chair or health issues. I can’t stay over at friends homes because of medical things; plus stairs and
chairs don’t exactly jive together to well either lol.
There’s an endless list of things I could and sometimes do complain at God about in regards to how He made me. Here’s the thing though, God made me this way on purpose for a purpose. I’m not sure how many people I’ve impacted with my life’s testimony and I probably don’t wanna know until Heaven, but I know I have because people share with me my impact on them all the time.
I wouldn’t have the friends and family literally that I have now if it weren’t for this disability. I wouldn’t have the awesome privilege of answering little one’s questions and letting them know just because I’m different doesn’t mean I’m scary, if it weren’t for this chair I sit in with a bunch of lights, lifts and buttons! Every kid’s dream!
So, after I’ve shed a couple tears and sent up a few glares Heavenward, when my head is clear I realize God’s compassion and love He’s placed in me means much more to me than having two legs that work, two feet with all their bones and toes intact, a brain that learns things “normally” and a body that can go places and eat all the food it wants. God has a plan for each of our lives, ministries He wants us involved in and hearts and minds willing to learn the lessons He’s teaching us through our circumstances that He has got us in to grow us in our walk.

I guess the question I need to ask myself is, will I allow my present circumstances to define or refine me?
Until next time Rebels!!

It’s A War out there People!

While ago I was thinking and meditating on this verse and thinking through the sad events of this past week, and months really; this thought came to my mind

Wherever my thoughts travel, my actions and reactions are sure to follow.

As someone who deals with anxiety, the type of events we’ve been seeing in the news lately seems to make things worse for me.

What am I supposed to do in times like these? I can’t fix what my white ancestors did to black people back before I was born. I can’t stop those in Virginia protesting inside hate groups. What is a Christian supposed to do in times like this?
One of the answers lies in the verse and quote I started this post with earlier.
You see I’ve been noticing a pattern in my life lately. The more unstable my world feels to me the more unstable my relationship with Jesus seems to be.

Can I be transparent with y’all? My prayer life, as of lately has begun to resemble a 911 headquarters rather than an ongoing conversation with a trusted friend. My Bible time consists more of listening at night so I don’t have nightmares or bad thoughts in the morning, and a good sermon from the pastor on Sunday.

What would happen if I only allowed my mind to think like Philippians 4:8? What would happen if I compared what the world, media and “experts” say of Jesus and His words with His actual scriptural words and actions?

Can I be bold and say something? I strongly believe that the devil is largely to blame for how everyone has been feeling and acting and the events that have been going on lately in the world. Let me assure you Rebels: The devil is alive and well and he has come to “steal, kill and destroy…” and how is he able to do that in this day and age?
By distracting Christians from what really matters and their real God given purpose. Twisting the ultimate Truth just enough to confuse even the most devoted Christian. We are supposed to be known for our love for each other; so what better way to mess that up then by pitting us against each other in religious, moral and political stances. He Makes our thoughts more chaotic and worrisome. We’re in a Spiritual war here Rebels and you and I need to stand firm in our purpose and our relationship with Jesus.

What is the purpose of a Rebel Christian you ask?

Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul
Love your neighbor as your self.
Pray for your enemies, persecutors and haters
Love each other
Make disciples
Refer back to Philippians 4:8

Jesus said this world even back then was and is fading away. We’re just seeing it more clearly now. We’re not seeing many people loving each other for no other reason then to love, because the world does’t know the meaning of True Love; God’s Love.
Our job as Rebel Christians is not to save the world, Jesus already died to do just that, our job is to pull Prodigals from the edge of the gates of hell.

Now that I’m working on my relationship with Jesus this week I can see a big difference. The closer I lean into Jesus’ side and listen to His voice alone inside my head and in His Word the less the sky seems to be falling around me and the more peaceful I’ve become.

During these chaotic days let’s remember to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and Jesus alone.

Until next time Rebels


Control Addict

“I’m holding on
Why is everything so heavy?” ~ “Heavy” By LINKIN PARK

I’m not ok. My life has seemed out of control. The rug has been pulled out from under me one too many times. Everything and everyone around me seems to be in chaos in one way or another.
I have this need to be in control of everything and everyone in my life. No, I have an addiction to being in control. It has such a tight grip on my life now where I thought I had a grip on it. It makes me worry and fret over things and people that I shouldn’t. I know I need to let this go before it totally takes over my mind, heart, and body but, there’s another component to this addiction that I didn’t see coming until it stared me straight in the face the other day. My addiction to control has another master and his name is Fear. Fear places doubt in my mind when I finally start to loose control over to God.
Is God really going to take care of this? What if He does something in this person or situation you didn’t see coming that may be bad in your eyes? You’ll be safer behind your safe routine’s and ways of living don’t go beyond them. You’ll get hurt right?
The irony in all this is that I’ve never had control over my own life and circumstances ever. It has always been and always be God who was and is in control. He sees the big picture plan when I only see a pointy and painful sliver.

“I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down
If I just let go, I’d be set free.” ~ Heavy” LINKIN PARK


I’ve learned a new way to deal with my fears and it’s been working wonders in my life

  1. Acknowledge the fear is there
  2. Allow myself to go there as far as my fear goes. What’s the worst case scenario of this situation? I learned this part of my technic from a friend when I told him I was afraid of being put under anesthesia before a surgery I was going to have. His response was one I will never forget.“Anna, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you don’t wake up from it as you fear? Is Heaven really something to fear? So thankful for this thought.
  3. Is there anything with this person or situation that I truly can control? No?
    Release it to the One who truly is in control and can guide this person and/or situation.
    Sometimes this last step I’ve found is easier to do when I physically open my hands palms up and raise them to Heaven. In private mostly of course.

Am I addiction free now thanks to these 4 steps? Is this process fool proof? Has my fear vanished completely since I’ve begun implementing these steps into my life?

No. It hasn’t gotten any easier releasing control and my fears. A matter of fact, it’s gotten harder. At first I was frustrated and irritated by these realizations. I began to ask God, why?

“You wouldn’t give me strength
If it’s meant to get easier.” ~ “ Easier” By Manic Drive

God has allowed this struggle to remain in my life for a purpose. To make my faith stronger. To allow me to learn to rely on Him more and more as I grow closer to Him in this struggle. I can’t and never was supposed to go this road of faith alone. None of us are supposed too.
My fear and control addiction has yet another Master and His name is Jesus. Am I willing to release my fear and control to my Master in order to gain the growth and maturity in Christ that He wants me to have? Or, am I willing to drown in this addiction and lose the only control I think I have? Daily I have a choice. I don’t know what decision I’ll make tomorrow and a week from now, but the choice I make in this minute, this moment in time is to let go and be set free. Freedom has never felt so good.

My Prayer For Terrorists

A while ago I read a post on Facebook from a dear friend. They mentioned that after seeing pictures of many Christians being tortured and killed in Iraq (including women and children) on the news, they didn’t know how to pray for the terrorists doing the killing, or if they should pray at all for them. They (the terrorists) are so evil.

I immediately sympathized with my friend. I to have wondered the same thing. I realize Jesus prayed for His executioners while He hung on the cross, but He was Jesus, He could do that kind of thing.

How could someone so evil be loved at all by Christ? Let alone, forgive them! They are killing God’s children!

I wonder if that is the same thought process that went through the minds of the Christians in the early Church, when word hit the streets that Saul had seen the light and had converted to the Christian faith. His name was changed to Paul and now he was going around preaching the same Gospel that he had previously been trying to squelch by imprisoning and killing those following Christ and this Gospel.

Paul himself in a letter to the church in Corinth said about his Apostleship “ For I am the least of the apostles, unworthy to be called an apostle, because, “I persecuted the church of God.” But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace towards me was not in vain.” (1 Cor. 15: 9-10a) He has become known as one of the most courageous apostles for Christ and His Gospel, known to man, to this day!

If God had not stopped Saul and given him a second chance, we would not have half of the New Testament that we are blessed with now.

I can’t help but think Saul was a bible time “terrorist.”

Could it be that God can change the minds and hearts of the evilest people of today?
Can He redeem such an evil past?

I believe with my whole heart that, yes Jesus can do all of those things and more!

These terrorists are committed to radical Islam and to pleasing Allah even to death.

I believe Jesus sees all of this and is waiting with open arms for these terrorists to “see the light” come to Him and then, Jesus can then show the world what He can do with a life now committed to His call and plan for their lives.

I personally am praying for a Christian revival among those terrorists. More courageous men committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where He is so desperately needed.

Will you Join me? Until next time Rebels